6 Things You Need to Know About Conventional Loans

We’ve all been at the stage of our adolescence where we watched TV shows and movies and thought to ourselves, “that’s the house I want one day.”  We genuinely believed that those “dream” houses on the screen were affordable for the average person because, well, the average person in the show lives there.  Before we knew it, we had grown up, paid our dues in life and soon realized that it was time to buy a house.  You quickly became aware of down payment requirements that you wish someone would have told you about years ago, credit scores that have more control over your life than you realized and something called PMI that everyone hates but always talks about.  How did those average people on TV afford such incredible houses?  We want you to get the dream home that you’ve had your heart set on for all these years. Although it may seem unattainable now, with our help at Volunteer Home Mortgage we will work with you every step of the way to get you there. First thing’s first though, we...

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FHA Loans

The thought of buying a home can be scary. All the paperwork, getting your credit in order, building up your savings for a down payment, getting approved or having the chance of getting denied for a loan. It’s all so… BIG. But, did you know that your down payment doesn’t actually need to be so big? And did you know that even if you have already owned a house, that you can use the FHA loan? MYTH-BUSTER: FHA doesn’t stand for “first time home buyer” but actually, “Federal Housing Administration!” There has been a major misconception about FHA loans over the years with buyers thinking that only first time buyers can utilize it. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Why is an FHA ideal? More lenient on your credit than a conventional loan 3.5% down payment (This can be a gift) with a credit score of 580 or higher ( You are eligible even if you had a foreclosure 3 years ago. Conventional loans require you to wait 7 years Possibility for lower mortgage insurance payments...

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