The big day is here, finally!

Your moving date is set, the house is closing, boxes have been packed. Now what?

Volunteer Home Mortgage knows how much time and preparation goes into moving when you purchase a home. We want to make sure our buyers understand what to do once things start rolling. You can’t expect to remember everything, so here’s a checklist to make this transition as smooth as possible.


1. Give notice to your landlord

It can be so easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a home that you forget to notify the most important people! It’s crucial for you to communicate with your landlord at the correct time that you will be leaving the rental within a reasonable timeframe. If you’re in a 12 month lease and know that your lease will be up soon, that is a great time to alert your landlord. Don’t wait until the last minute and potentially risk damaging a good relationship.


2. Movers or no movers?

As you get closer to your moving date, you’ll start thinking about whether you need movers or not. Figuring out how much help you’ll need far in advance is a sure fire way to avoid procrastinating and the typical stress that comes with rushing to get things done before the final hour. Getting estimates for different moving companies will give you a good idea of who you’d like to choose or if your budget will permit it.


3. Schedule your utilities to be turned off

This is a big one. You don’t want to fall in the trap of forgetting to turn off your electricity, water and gas while then being on the hook to pay a bill that you weren’t expecting. Typically you can do this online with the click of a button, and if your moving day changes you can log back on and change your shut off date. Easy peasy!


4. Reserve a storage unit

Maybe you’re moving from far away or you are moving out of your current home before your new home is ready. A storage unit is helpful for those times of waiting. Make sure you understand time-frames and schedules of everyone involved in your transaction so you have an accurate timeline for planning purposes.


5. Store documents in a safe place

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to misplace their most important documents in a big move. Be sure to organize and know exactly where you put everything. Having a safe filing system where your documents live full-time is perfect especially during a move! Everything will be in the same place…you just have to remember to put it back.

As you get closer to approaching your moving date, a feeling of stress and panic might kick in. Don’t let it take over! Get ahead of it with planning and going over our checklist for tackling the big tasks.

Volunteer Home Mortgage is here every step of the way for our clients and those needing advice! If you need some extra guidance during this time of purchasing a home, we’d love to help guide you in the right direction